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Miserere was born in London, U.K., to Spanish parents. Growing up bilingual ensured that young Miserere could never be too sure what his nationality was. Matters were further complicated when he moved to Madrid, Spain at the age of 11. After studying a Science degree at a Spanish university, he would return to the U.K. for a Masters and a PhD (with a brief 1-year stint in the U.S. to meet his future wife). He now resides in Boston, MA, where he enjoys 3 of the 4 seasons New England has to offer.

His interest in photography began early, when he was 6 and would spend Sunday mornings snapping photos with his parents’ Kodak 110 film camera. Despite his mother’s admonitions he continued his practice of stealing their camera for many years, though he became more restrained in his shooting. He abandoned this practice, and photography altogether, in his early teens, frustrated that his photos looked nothing like those in the books he owned.

A digital point-and-shoot received as a wedding gift from his sister, together with his enjoyment of tinkering with images on a computer, rekindled his interest in photography as he finally discovered how to make his images look like those in his books, albeit limited by the capabilities of his simple camera. To remedy this and allow him to expand his photographic horizons, his wife bought him a DSLR, allowing Miserere to finally take control of his passion, and lose control all at once.

His wife has since come to bemoan her generosity and has accepted her present role as mistress, with the camera being his one true wife.

In an attempt to share his experiences and ideas with others, Miserere founded Enticing the Light in 2008, a website full of humour, tutorials, reviews, philosophy, and the occasional great photo. His Fine Art Photography can be found at World of Miserere.